Omaha and Lincoln’s #1 Source for Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Muay Thai – Kickboxing
Judo – Mixed Martial Arts - Kali/Escrima
JKD –  Self Defense – Yoga -
 Military Combatives

Group Classes – Personal Training – Corporate Wellness – Seminars

Certified Instruction – Unquestionable Lineage

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I am so confident you’ll love our program and positive environment I’ll personally give your money back after 30 days!

Seeing is Believing,
Come see the MAMA difference.

-Aaron Cerrone, Head Coach/Owner

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 Why chose MAMA over another training center?

Family Atmosphere
Positive Peer Culture
Huge Support Group
Positive Energy
Dedicated Staff

 Who Trains at MAMA?

The MAMA family covers the full spectrum from beginners who have never stepped into a dojo all the way to professional athletes competing at the highest levels.  You will find martial arts enthusiasts and lifelong practitioners.  What everyone has in common is a desire to become better people through the martial arts and surrounded by good people doing great things together; all in a professional setting with the very best instructors.


You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one!
(you don’t have to get punched in the nose either!)

Lean Muscle
Amazing Stamina
Increased Strength
Reduce Stress
Look & Feel Great 

Amazing things the MAMA family can do together

weight loss, transformation, fitness

with the help of MAMA Maggie did a total body transformation!


“My doctor, Dr. Cindy Janssen is amazed. I am in my 50′s and she told me she wishes her patients half my age were in as good of health and physical shape that I am in. She attributes this to the kickboxing classes I take at MAMA. Once bad, my blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect. I’ve lost inches and pounds! Thanks to my daughter for challenging me to come to the class. I now have a passion that keeps me working out during the week and a passion to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Chessa & MAMA!!” Michele Gray

“I’ve been at MAMA for about 10 months now and lost 100 pounds!” Mitch Vogel

“I’ve lost 38 pounds. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school.” Eric Carraher

bjj, weight loss, transformation, fitness

with the help of MAMA Allen made a total body transformation


“I’ve lost 30 pounds and 3 pants sizes in just over 2 months here.” Ryan Smith

“Over 50 pounds and 7 inches off my waist!!” John Gorum

weight loss, transformation, fitness

with the help of MAMA Courtney made a total body transformation

“I’m down several dress sizes and feel great. My doctor is very pleased with my overall health.” –P.B.
“I’m down from 310 to 270 lbs, 42 to 38 size jeans and xxxl to comfortable xxl size shirt. I’m more active at home with wife and kids.” Craig Hall

“My job requires travel across the country on a regular basis. So, I’ve had the opportunity to train in several top tier schools. The personal and individualized attention I have received at Mid-America Martial Arts sets this school apart the others. Every student matters at Mid-America.” JR

“I took a gold and silver medal in a national tournament…my first competition!” Garrett Shrader

“I’ve lost 30 pounds (275-245), my son and I love coming here.” Andy Raemaker“My kids have really enjoyed the class. They have always enjoyed the unstructured feel and the fun stuff you put into the classes to keep everyone interested. Your low pressure approach to advancing thru the belt ranks was really nice in my opinion. I hope we can find some similar type classes in our new home.” Brian Winham

“On behalf of the eighth grade students and their parents of Mary Our Queen we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks! Your generous donation will help make this event a huge success.”

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