Nebraska’s Martial Arts for the Entire Family

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   Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Muay Thai – Kickboxing – Judo
Kali/Escrima – Self Defense – Wrestling – Jeet Kune Do – Yoga       Military Combatives – Training for Warriors Fitness

 Group Classes – Personal Training – Corporate Wellness – Seminars

Certified Instruction – Unquestionable Lineage

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I am so confident you’ll love our program and positive environment, I’ll personally give your money back after 30 days!

Seeing is Believing.

Come see the MAMA difference.

Aaron Cerrone, Head Coach/Owner


What can Martial Arts do for me?

Physical & Emotional Fitness
Fosters Discipline & Focus
Boosts Your Self Confidence
Provides Self-Defense
Reduces Stress

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Total Body Fitness
Lean Muscle
Amazing Stamina
Increased Strength
Look & Feel Great


Why choose Mid-America Martial Arts?

Family Atmosphere
Positive Peer Culture
Huge Support Group
Great Energy
Dedicated Staff

Who Trains at Mid-America Martial Arts?

The MAMA family covers the full spectrum of students.  Beginners who have never stepped into a dojo and athletes competing at the highest levels.  Martial arts enthusiasts and lifelong practitioners.   Blue collar, white collar, and many other walks of life.  The common link is a desire to be surrounded by good people doing great things together, being warriors in life!   All in a professional setting with the very best coaches.

Proudly Affiliated With 

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Professional Partners

Mid-America Martial Arts is proud to be associated with these locally owned and operated businesses:

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