MAMA’s Fight Fit


Join the Fun and Energetic people at Mid-America Martial Arts and take a martial arts journey you’ll never forget


You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one

Lean Muscle  –  Increased Strength

 Amazing Stamina  –  Look & Feel Great

No two workouts are the same

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

MAMA’s Fight Fit program offers the same intense strength and conditioning program our professional and amateur fighters use in preparation for their bouts. Metabolic circuits coupled with marital arts specific movements create a unique and highly effective workout to help achieve ultimate health and fitness. Diet and nutrition consultation is included to help you maximize your efforts in the gym. Many local bootcamps claim “mma training” or “fighter training” but none possess first hand experience like the trainers at Mid-America!

Work with professional trainers, beside fighters and national champions

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