Training For Warriors – Get Fight Fit!

TFW, fitness, strength, conditioning, martin rooney, training for warriors, personal training, omahaDo you want to look and feel like a Warrior?

Do you think you have what it takes to train like a warrior?  

The answer is YES and we’ll help you do it!fitness, strength, conditioning, training for warriors, martin rooney, stamina, lose fat

MAMA’s Fight Fit sessions offer the same intense strength and conditioning our professional and amateur competitors use in preparation for their events.

Metabolic & Strength training coupled with martial arts specific movements create a unique, highly effective workout to achieve ultimate health and fitness.

Diet & Nutrition counseling is included to maximize your efforts in the gym. 

Many local boot camps claim “mma training” or “fighter training” but none possess first hand experience like the coaches at Mid-America!fitness, strength, conditioning, training for warriors, martin rooney, stamina, lose fat

fitness, strength, conditioning, training for warriors, martin rooney, stamina, lose fat

MAMA’s coaches will teach you everything you need to know.
We will help find your limits then get beyond them!

Your goal is our goal.  Together we will make it happen.

Our coaches are credentialed trainers and certified within the Training For Warriors system under renowned coach Martin Rooney.  More important, they are motivators.  There to gear you up mentally and build you up physically.

What is TFW you ask?

Most people fail not because of lack of knowledge but lack of action.

The hardest part is walking through the door.   Don’t wait! 

Take the challenge and start to walk the path of a warrior.

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health, fitness, motivation, coaches, TFW, training for warriors, martial arts 

martin rooneyMartin Rooney, MHS, PT, CSCS, TFW Founder

Martin Rooney is an internationally recognized fitness expert, best-selling author, and sought-after presenter.  A former US bobsledder, Division I track athlete, and physical therapist, he is the creator of Training for Warriors.  In his ceaseless attempt to educate and inspire, Martin constantly travels the world to conduct seminars and spread his positive message about the importance of fitness.  Now, Training For Warriors has almost 200 affiliate locations in 25 countries and thousands of people per day are using the TFW System to Bring Out The Warrior Within.

Martin has shared the TFW mission with Fortune 500 companies such as Marriott International, NIKE and Hasbro, Military Organizations like the Army Rangers and Navy SEALs, professional teams including the NY Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers and NY Giants, and universities such as Alabama, Arizona State and Oregon State.

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