Upcoming Events

The Spring and Summer are shaping up to be busy. Plan ahead!!

RoundKick Rumble – March 28, Des Moines
RevGear BJJ Tourney – April 11 Kansas City
Master Chai Seminar, MN – April 11-12 Minneapolis, MN
The MW Reg Judo Tourny – April 18 St Paul, MN
Ring Wars – May 2 Omaha
NAGA  – May 9 Kansas City
Ryan Reser Judo clinic – May 16 at MAMA
Master Chai Seminar – June 12-13 at MAMA
Caio Terra Seminar – June 19-20 at at MAMA
Freestyle Judo Nationals – June 20 – Louisianna
Blood Drive at MAMA
Muay Thai Nationals – June 26-28 Des Moines
MAMA In-House BJJ Championship – July 11 Omaha
Nebraska State Games – Judo Aug 2

MAMA Podcast: Episode 3 Anthony Carlson

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 2 Rodrigo Vaghi

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 1: Professor Ed

MAMA’s first podcast. It’s our first go at it so please enjoy and be patient as we work out the bugs and plenty of operator error! If you have any suggestions for topics please email us!

Episode 1 – Professor Ed

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Sparring in America

kevin ross, muay thai

by Kevin Ross

Recently I was sent a quote by Saenchai,
“When it comes to technique, work on it over and over again until you have mastered it. The most important thing for me is technical sparring, I always tried to do as much as possible throughout my career and think it should be the most important part of any ones training. You should try and spar with as many people as you can, spar in a controlled manner so you are learning not just using brute strength. When you get to a good level always look for fighters better than you to work with and learn from.” Continue Reading…

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Positive Peer Culture of Martial Arts

positive peer, support, team, martial artsThe benefits of positive peer cultures and groups are well researched and documented.  Regardless of the actual program, surrounding yourself by a group of not just like minded individuals but those who support your goals is proven to promote positive change for all involved.  Martial Arts schools and gyms have proven especially effective in creating such environments. Continue Reading…

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Value in Competition

bjj, competition, martial artsThe intangible benefits of martial arts have been deeply explored and widely discussed.  The average practitioner and martial arts enthusiast will grow as a person physically, mentally and spiritually from their training.  Depending on the school social and even professional growth is often a byproduct as well.  There is an aspect of many martial arts that not all embrace but can be incredibly empowering and has always taken the spotlight…competition. Continue Reading…

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Life Skills Through the Martial Arts

Skills like empathy, responsibility, social etiquette, respect, self-discipline and many other life skills are not innate. They need to be taught, practiced and learned.  For children it can be hard to learn and develop these behaviors.  As with most anything, they come with practice and age. Martial arts are a useful avenue to train children in how to possess and use these, as well as many other behavioral skills that will serve them well in life. Continue Reading…

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Staying Motivated – Achieving Your Martial Arts Goals

Martial Arts or fitness shouldn’t be a dreadful experience.  Have you ever started a fitness goal, martial arts, motivationprogram, project or any endeavor and then quit? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Not even close.  The vast majority of people who start fitness programs end up stopping.  The reason are numerous and vary as far as the imagination can wander. Continue Reading…

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Manage Energy for Productivity

Manage Energy for Productivity

By Niiraj R Shah, Co-National Director – BNI India

Accomplish more in one day than some accomplish in a week?

Super-productivity: We may desire it, but many of us don’t know how to stay the course. We procrastinate and focus on small, mindless tasks—rather than the stuff that brings about results—and joy! Continue Reading…

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