Kickboxing vs Muay Thai

Here is a pretty good read on the differences in various types of kickboxing.

Grandmaster Chai Muay Thai Camp

Muay Thai Camp with Grandmaster Chai Sirisute

June 13-14, 2014
Omaha, Nebraska

Train with the pioneer of Muay Thai in the United States.
Since 1969 Master Chai has been teaching and spreading the practice of Muay Thai throughout the country. Master Chai’s seminars present muay thai in its essential form and practice; a highly disciplined approach emphasizing technique, work ethic and the traditional “eight limbs” of muay thai: kicks, punches, elbows and knees. Training will be conducted “camp style” with each session beginning with a group run then moving into muay thai practice.

Cost: $125
Pre-Register: pay before May 15 $100
Instructors who bring 5 students get in free!

Session 1: Friday, June 13 5:00-8:00
Session 2: Saturday, June 14 10:00-1:00
Session 3: Saturday, June 14 2:30-5:30

Required Gear
Boxing gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece, thai shorts, running shoes, water, towel
*all participants required to wear traditional thai shorts

Call, email or register online

See Flyer: Chai Seminar Omaha 2014

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Martial Arts Youth Summer Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp

June 16-20 & July 28-Aug 1

Treat your kids to a fun filled week with MAMA’s martial arts day camps.

Your child will have the opportunity to explore the world of martial arts with 3 martial arts classes each day intermixed with a variety of fun activities like swimming, hiking, bowling, movies, mini golf, etc.

Each class will explore different martial arts giving your child an ecclectic experience: kickboxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, judo, filipino weapons and many more.

Drop Off: 7:00-8:00am
Pick Up: 6:30pm

Lunch, drinks and snacks are provided!
Parents are asked to ensure your child has breakfast before arriving..thanks.

Cost: $200 per child
Family discounts available!!

For more information please call us at 402-813-1721

Giving Back

Giving Back
April 30th 5:30

Lexxus Crooks

OK MAMA Family time to rally. Lexxus Shyann Crooks is a 4 year old little girl in Omaha that is fighting cancer. We are going to hold a train-a-thon and raise money to

help her! Grab a sponsor sheet at the front desk. We’ll see how many kicks and arm bars we can do in a hour. We will do it April 30th during the 5:30 classes.

Let’s help this little girl fight the ultimate fight!

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Blue Belt Test & Saturday Sched

Blue Belt Test this Saturday, April 5th

Testers 9:00
Colored Belt Roll 11:00
Promotions 12:00
Open Roll 12:00

All white belt students are encouraged to attend the 12:00 promotion and open roll.

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New Class Schedule

New class schedule starts in Omaha April 1st!!

Yoga and more Muay Thai have been added to our already full schedule.

Spread the word…looking forward to seeing everyone at the new classes.



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In-House BJJ Tourney

Great job by all our grapplers at the MAMA In-House Tourney.  Lots of great matches and  stripes awarded.  Thanks to everyone who helped run the tourney:

Refs: Matt Lippold, Mike Penny, AC, and Scott Fererro

Timers: John Kuricek, Tony Nugyen, Maddie Gack, Drew Dober, and Ally SchusterIMG_3625[1]

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New Classes!

MAMA Keeps Getting Better

We are happy to announce the addition of more great classes and opportunities to train at MAMA!!

Starting March 10th we are launching classes during the 9:30-10:30am time slot in our Omaha location.

  • Mondays will have Yoga with Tara Milanderbody love
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays will feature Body Love with Sasha Day
  • Fridays will be Fight Fit with Coach Aaron

Also, starting in April we will be adding Yoga on Thursday evenings at 7:30 and Saturday mornings at 8:30 in Omaha!  Also look for a muay thai class on Saturday mornings as well in both Omaha and Lincoln!!

Upon completion of our shower renovation look for our early morning class schedule to expand as well in Omaha.

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MAMA is teaming up with the 12 Disciples again!!

The Open Door Mission has a shortage of TP. Yes, toilet paper.
We are collecting TP for ODM. They have 175 bathrooms on their campus.

Our goal is to gather 1000 rolls of TP by 2/22/14.

Drop off donations at the gym!

Making a difference in our community-that’s what MAMA and the 12 Disciples do

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Positive Peer Culture of Martial Arts

Positive Peer Culture of Martial Arts

The benefits of positive peer cultures and groups are well researched and documented.  Regardless of the actual program, surrounding yourself by a group of not just like minded individuals but those who support your goals is proven to promote positive change for all involved.  Martial Arts schools and gyms have proven especially effective in creating such environments.

Immersion in a positive peer culture offers an especially unified, cohesive social system in which those involved are devoted to a common responsibility and accountability for one another.  Peer acceptance and respect are shown to be longer-lived than badges or awards.  People do not resist changing; they resist being changed.  Participating in a group that harbors mutual support, motivation and drive natural promotes a willingness to change for the better and helps others to do so as well.  Peer coercion is replaced with peer concern; antagonism and intimidation have no place in what is to be a helpful positive culture.  Peers and teammates have an obligation to help not hold back.positive peer, support, team, martial arts

Martial arts schools are often referred to as extended families for very good reason.  They provide sanctuary where students can be surrounded by a positive group of supporters and instructors that encourage growth but ensure accountability.  The idea that people change people is evident and martial arts programs only facilitate that process.

Much like sports, the benefits of the martial arts are greatly enhanced by the environment in which they are practiced.  Accruals of positive outcomes are more likely to occur when a program emphasizes mastery of skill and positive behaviors (discipline, respect, etiquette, sacrifice, and control).

Studies have found that athletes in some sports are actually more likely to be involved in risky behaviors— such as alcohol use—than those who do not participate in sport at all.  Research also has found that in addition to physical injury, sport can create stress and anxiety and even promote heightened aggressiveness.  These outcomes can be shaped by the nature of the athlete’s experience—for example, the attitudes and behaviors of coaches, teammates, and parents do not always create a supportive environment. This highlights the importance of not only of participation, but also the quality of the experience and the environment it takes place.

brazilian jiu jitsu, bjj, rodrigo vaghi, team vaghi, mid-america martial arts

Thus, playing sport does not automatically build character.  Character must be taught and influenced. When sport is played in a caring environment, social, emotional, and psychological benefits are enhanced.  Sports often incorrectly place so much emphasis on the competitive and winning aspect that the social necessities are often pushed aside.   Many factors influence a young person’s experience in sport: the training of the coach, the support that the young person receives from that coach, family members, and peers to participate in that sport.  Even the type and competitive level of sport being played greatly influences the experience.  The competitive nature of sport can drive both the positive and negative effects of participation.

Competitive avenues do exist, and sometimes encouraged, within the martial arts but it is not a necessity like most sports where success of an individual is ultimately measured by winning or losing.  Martial Arts tend to measure growth rather than success.  That growth is measured against nothing other than that individual and his/her personal maturation, progression through belt ranks and activities like partnered practice and sparring.

Another advantage martial arts possess over many sports is that it is not seasonal in nature.  There is opportunity to participate year round; the entire time surrounded by peers, senior students, and instructors who support, encourage, counsel and mentor.  At the end of the day it’s not simply the act of punching, kicking or grappling that’s makes a person better, the positive culture a martial arts school offers is truly the life changing tool!

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