Youth Martial Arts

Martial Arts Benefit Youth – 10 Reasons

Improved Discipline

Boost Social Skills

Encourages Physical Activity

Learn to Set & Achieve Goals

Increased Esteem

Instill Respect




Positive Peer Group

martial arts youth kids benefits

Research confirms what the great martial arts masters have claimed decades: 

The martial arts can help develop both better bodies and better minds and may lead to a better, more peaceful society!


Benefits That Last a Lifetime!

Our youth martial arts program draws on aspects of our adults programs to provide children with a well-rounded martial arts experience: brazilian jiu jitsu, kickboxing, weapons, and self-defense.

MAMA uses a “work a little – play a little” teaching philosophy to allow our students to bond and enjoy their martial arts journey!Youth Martial Arts

All of MAMA’s new students must accomplish our On-Boarding Program.

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