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Get Started

How do you get started training at MAMA?

  1. Fill out some basic information right here in our secure form
  2. Next, we’ll setup a time for you to come in, observe training, discuss your goals, and answer any questions.
  3. Complete our Student On-Boarding Program
  4. Enjoy two weeks of classes!

All students new to MAMA, regardless of experience, must complete our Student On-Boarding Program. The program consists of 6 one-on-one sessions, each a half hour in length. Each session is designed to give you a basic foundation of our system and style of training. 

If you’re new to the martial arts you’ll learn new movements and become better acquainted with our school and how we teach. If you are a veteran it’s time for us to get to know each other and learn where your skill level is.

This benefits both you, your instructors and fellow students. Best of all we get to know each other a little bit better and you don’t enter our classes a complete stranger….nothing worse that being thrown in the deep end on the first day!

After your private sessions are completed two weeks of classes are included in your onboarding! There is an initial cost involved which we will discuss during our first conversation, but the on-boarding program is a no-strings-attached trial. 

Once your trial is complete we can find a membership that works best for you.