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Ya Gotta Have Faith

Ya Gotta Have Faith

george micheal faith

Ya gotta have faith! Now I know for some this immediately conjures up images of vintage 1980s George Micheal. Others Limp Bizkit comes to mind. Whatever flavor of music you prefer the idea holds true. Having faith in yourself is something we’ve all heard before in one forum or another. A simple concept but one that is constantly challenged and tested making it harder some days than others.

What does it even mean to have faith in ourselves?

Part of believing in yourself means having confidence in your own abilities.  Knowing you CAN do something regardless of naysayers.  Not letting self-doubt dissuade what you already know is well within your means and ability.

It is trusting yourself.  That affirmation you won’t turn tail at the slightest hint of adversity; showing reliance in the face of difficulty.  Having the grit see something through despite failure and setback.  It’s moxie!  

Having faith in yourself allows  you to extend yourself some empathy, not be overly critical of every little mistake.  Faith gives us the ability to have an open mindset and see opportunity where otherwise would be failure and endgame.  Our eyes open to the positive, the good qualities and skills we possess.  We can be our own cheerleader when times are tough.

Faith frees us from overthinking, flow with our thoughts, and step into action rather than freeze in analysis.  We trust our judgement and go with what our gut is telling us even if it scares the living sh*t out of us.  Faith allows us to fear less, embrace the unknown, and face uncertainty with an unwavering courage.

When we have faith in ourselves we begin to learn, understand, and appreciate our self-worth.  We stop comparing ourselves to others and are comfortable in our own skin.  We are able to accept who we are and take ownership of what we have done and still need to do with reference to nobody except the person in the mirror…cue Michael Jackson.

So, how to be develop faith in ourselves?

First, and foremost, is coming to grips with the harsh reality that nobody else will do it for you.  The only person on this planet you can 100% rely on is YOU!  Sure, we can have a tight circle of people creating a support system around us but at the end of the day nobody is more responsible for you than YOU; at some point you’re going to be on your own without the help of your support system. 

Recognize your successes, no matter how small.  Now, this doesn’t mean pat yourself on the back for every little thing, especially the stuff you’ve already proven you can do.  Regularly take stock in what you have accomplished.  Remind yourself what you can do, how far you’ve come, and use it as a spring board to tackle the next task.  It is OK to be proud of your accomplishments.

Stop comparing to others.  Get off the social media, it begs us to envy others.  Be happy for others’ success, congratulate them, and express your appreciation for their accomplishment.  Be inspired rather than jealous.  If they can do it so can you so why fret, be galvanized instead.

Next time you look in the mirror or lay awake at night ask yourself some questions.   Do I trust my ability? Am I comfortable in my own skin?  Have I embraced my weaknesses and acknowledged my strengths? Do I feel in control of my life?  Do I have faith in myself?

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