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I’ve always told people there is no decision worse than indecision.  As Pete Mitchell once said, “You don’t have time to think, if you think, you’re dead!”  Sometimes you get it right and others heinously wrong.  It is what it is.  It’s OK to be wrong.  If we constantly put off making hard decisions, we may suffer something even worse, regret. 

Change isn’t easy but putting it off makes it even harder.  There is rarely ever a perfect time to make a big life change, especially if it is one you know will likely affect others around you.  Waiting until that perfect time may have you waiting for the remainder of your life.

We often don’t take action or make a decision out of fear of what might happen.  Assuming the worst, we fear failure and negative consequences without really knowing what will materialize.  The unknown scares us so much we ignore all the positive that may as likely occur.  Very rarely do the stars align just right that we can take a chance on something without any doubt of failure.

Truth told, there is hardly ever a “right time” to take a risk or make a significant life change.  Our gut often tells us one thing while our head pleads another.  We delay making a decision or taking action hoping to have an epiphany of sorts and all will be easy and simple.  It rarely happens because life unfortunately doesn’t work that way.  All we end up doing is kicking the can down the road only to delay the evitable then realize we should have done it months or years sooner.

Our ego is where fear-based thoughts originate, and we generally choose the ego’s way of thinking (because the ego is bit of a bully!)  Breaking free of fear-based thoughts is vital to make change.  We often say to trust your gut because our head is quickly gets controlled by our emotional mind clouding our judgement and pumping up our fears.

If we can look past fear, even face it, all the infinite possibilities can be seen and appreciated.  All the upside of this major decision becomes present and real.  Sure, there may be some fallout with people, financial trials, and even emotional tribulations but beyond those initial choppy waters lies smooth sailing and blue skies. 

Happiness very often goes unappreciated without being preceded by some struggle.  Our lives tend to not benefit from playing small.  Growth comes from taking risks, failing, then building back up better than before.  Truthfully, sometimes you must tear something down to build it back better.

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