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Get Into The Habit: The Importance of Routine in Achieving Goals

In a world that often glorifies spontaneity and the allure of the unpredictable, the power of routine might seem mundane or even restrictive. However, when it comes to achieving goals—whether personal, professional, or academic—routine emerges as a formidable ally. Establishing and maintaining a consistent routine is not merely about adhering to a schedule; it’s about…
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Sleep and Performance

sleep is a cornerstone of human performance, influencing cognitive function, emotional well-being, physical health, and social interactions.

martial arts

Time Flies

20 years.  I still can’t believe it.  My dad used to always tell time flies and it will be here before you know it.  I never believed him.  When I was contemplating separating from activate duty in military I remember him telling me to stay in and 20 years will be here before I knew…
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george micheal faith

Ya Gotta Have Faith

Ya gotta have faith! Now I know for some this immediately conjures up images of vintage 1980s George Micheal.



Change isn’t easy but putting it off makes it even harder.  There is rarely ever a perfect time to make a big life change.


What Is Success?

How are you defining success…not your goals…but what makes you feel successful beyond just achieving a goal?

busy overwhelmed

Full Plate

My plate is full.  That’s not true at all…it’s overflowing across the table and onto the floor.  Most of it self-induced (going back to school always sounds like a great idea), some of it a matter of circumstance (life and kids).   Days go by in such a blur that often I don’t know what day…
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black belt

So Now What…

Three weeks ago I was awarded my black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu, a capstone moment for an endeavour that began 26 years ago. So now what…

Let's Rock!

Let’s Rock!

Let’s Rock! A few months ago, my son and I began taking weekly drumming lessons.  The intention was to spend some quality time together

super powers

Have You Lost Your Superpowers?

Remember exploring a new place with your friends?  Where did that natural curiosity go?  Have we lost our superpowers?