Everyday Is Training Day


Time To Go Fellas

We recognized a bad situation was getting worse, exercised better judgement, and chose to remove ourselves from the equation.


Are You Productive?

Productivity is very hot topic right now in the business world. How it’s defined and viewed varies person to person.

Do You Even Lift Bro?

How much lifting should I do?  Not an uncommon question I get from students, especially those that are “more seasoned” like myself.

Get in the Zone

Who Am I?  An exercise I assign to my entrepreneur class at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  I challenge students to look in the mirror and do a deep evaluation of themselves to discover their natural personality traits, strength, weaknesses, likes, dislikes…do they really understand who they are?  A question everyone, even martial arts students, should ask themselves.   My…
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Little Lessons

I recently traveled with my team to Des Moines, Iowa in what has become an annual tradition competing in the Muay Thai World Expo or as we call it “Nationals.”  Over the years what started as a single day tournament of less than 100 competitors has grown into a 4-day event that hit 1000 registrants this edition.  Particularly impressive…
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“I want to learn self-defense.” A statement I regularly hear from prospective students. It’s also a request I often receive from various organizations and companies looking for a group activity. The one problem, the concept of self-defense is sorely misunderstood and not something I feel can be taught…but let me explain.  I’ve conducted many self-defense…
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Blocking and Tackling

I recently did a podcast with Ellerbrock Norris’ Encore Safety Network for whom I am a regular contributor.  This episode the topic of discussion was blocking and tackling.  The idea being until the basics are mastered no amount of advanced programing or processes will be successful.  In the reality of the safety world this can be a matter of life or…
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STRESS: The good, the bad, the…

There is only one person on the planet that can always take care of you…and that’s YOU! Only you can determine what kind of stress is in your life.

How Do You Practice?

We’ve all heard the mantra “Practice Makes Perfect.” It’s said with good intention but unfortunately it’s also incredibly flawed. The reality is Practice Makes Permanent and only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. A subtle distinction but critical for long term development. Sloppy, inconsistent practice produces sloppy, inconsistent habits. Garbage In = Garbage Out.

More is Better…at Least Early On

In his book RANGE, David Epstein points out that data is beginning to prove that generalists, people who prefer to dabble in multiple areas of interest, are more successful in later stages than those who stay within a single silo.