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Monday Blues

Dreading Monday?

Do you ever feel like you have a knot in your gut Sunday night just thinking about work in the morning? How about sitting at your desk with a case of the “Monday Blues?”

Here are a few ways to help untie that knot. A little Honesty and Courage may be required…

1. Do something you are passionate about, not necessarily what you are good at….then spend the next 40 years doing THAT! You may not make a million dollars but at least you’ll be doing something you love. Decide what it is you like to do and make the move to do it!

2. View everything as a means to an end.  If what you are doing TODAY isn’t helping to get you where you want to go TOMORROW, stop it NOW!

3. What is the value in happiness? Instead of asking yourself what is the cost to live the life you imagine, ask what is it costing you if you don’t.

4. Pay It Forward, Backward and Sideways.  Do something that adds value to someone else’s life every day. A simple smile, friendly hello or a compliment will do. Doesn’t cost you anything but will make you and that person feel better and brighten the day.

Living for the weekend is no way to make a living nor is it a way to live a life.  Find ways to enjoy what you do or find something you enjoy.

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 11 Fat Shaming

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Streets to Dojo: Youth Development

Our youth are a product of their environment. The Omaha metro literally has hundreds of teens on probation or within the juvenile justice system.

MAMA Reporting Services is a non profit program offering martial arts as an alternative to the streets.

That’s more time in a structured and disciplined environment. Less time on the street. More time surrounded by positive peers and mentors. Less time around a potentially criminal element. More contact time with adults. Less opportunity for poor decision. More opportunity for success!

Just $25 funds the program for an entire month for one of these kids. $25 to change their environment.

Change the environment, Change the child!!

For more on the organization go to: MAMA Reporting Services

To support go to our Go Fund Me page
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MAMA Podcast: Episode 10

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Most Dangerous Emergencies You Can Fix With Martial Arts

The number of available martial arts is very large and it includes not only the most popular forms, like Taekwondo, Karate or Judo, but it encompasses even variants of the basic martial arts.

As a result, there are many existing forms of martial arts – but one thing is common to each of them: martial arts are to be used for personal defense only. The oriental peaceful attitude towards life and people is, actually, the core element which creates and develops the concept of martial art.

When You Can Use Your Martial Art Skills

Let’s say that people who practice martial arts do have an extra force to use in the worst situations. Since, martial arts may cause serious injuries to the opponent, as a good rule it’s always recommended to understand when it’s really time to use martial art skills. Here are some most dangerous and critical emergencies you can fix by using all your knowledge of martial arts:

  • Personal aggression by burglars or other violent individuals
  • Sudden irruption of burglars in your home
  • When you see a lady/girl being molested by someone
  • Every when you want to help a weaker individual who is clearly victim of an aggression

Keep in mind that there are several forms of martial arts and that each may achieve different results when used for self /personal defense, ranging from Western-style boxing to Israel’s Krav Maga (probably less known forms of martial arts).

You Caught A Burglar At Your Home: How To Fix Damages

Your skills in martial arts can help you fight against a burglar who irrupted into your home, that’s surely a great defense for you and for your family. However, there are damages caused by the burglar’s action left, for example, like broken window glass, broken door lock or others.

At this point, the easiest thing to do is to call a local emergency locksmith, that is a specialized technician who can fix all types of damages to your window locks and doors.

Call For Help At Locksmiths Pros

Locksmiths Pros provides a full and comprehensive palette of locksmith services for residential needs as well as for other important fields, including automotive and commercial.

Emergency locksmith services cover a very wide range of needs and they represent a core part of the daily professional activity at Locksmiths Pros.

In fact, all emergency services are provided on a 24 hour per day base, in order to meet the customers’ needs on a 360-degree level. Customers who are in a difficult situation and need an urgent locksmith assistance can simply call the Locksmiths Pros’ toll-free phone number at (888) 253 – 8443.

A rep of Locksmiths Pros will take care of asking you what type of service you need and where you are at the call’s moment. In less than 20 minutes you will be reached by a local specialized and licensed locksmith from Locksmiths Pros’ staff. Finally, you will be given a receipt and a 90-day nationwide valid guarantee sheet on the requested locksmith service.

Self-Defense: Easier Said Than Done

6314086_origWe often think of self-defense with the perspective of fending off a would-be mugger in a dark alley or thwarting the attempts of a rapist.  While those are extreme scenarios, the crux of defending oneself generally applies to defending one’s own life or the lives of others, including, in certain circumstances, the use of deadly force.   The right of self-defense is the right for persons to use reasonable force or defensive force in such a situation.

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MAMA Podcast Episode 7

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 6

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 5

MAMA Podcast featuring Coach Aaron, The Clown Prince Mark Mickells and Tim Numa Seretta

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