Why Wait…Start Now!

Why Wait…Start Now!

The New Year is rapidly approaching and so will come the onslaught of resolutions geared toward life altering transformations of mindset, physique, financial well being, relationship bliss and/or corporate success. I’m not personally against resolutions; everyone should set high but achievable goals (go Air Force!) then put things in place to help drive toward them. What I don’t understand is what’s so special about January 1st. I get it, new year, fresh start, yadda yadda yadda.  But it’s only a date.   Why do we feel the need to coincide the start of our personal journeys with the start of the calendar year?

Every year January 1 rolls around and everyone starts making goals; as if it’s the magical point in time when you’ll buckle down, have conviction, be discipline and hold yourself accountable.   Yup, on this day all of that happens.   Ummmm, no.   Sorry, but no.   Truth is if you were all those things you wouldn’t be the type of person to wait on the almighty January 1st to set a goal place everything secondary toward achieving it.   You wouldn’t be waiting, planning, thinking; you would be DOING! 

We have to ask ourselves a basic question.  How important is this thing, this goal, this end game…how important is it to us?  Because if it truly is important…truly a life changing event then what are we waiting for?  If it’s that important then start NOW!  If it can wait until the New Year then I question its level of importance.  Honestly, if it can wait then how important is it really?

Money invested NOW is always worth more than money invested later.  A diet started NOW will have a positive effect sooner than a diet started later.  Extending the olive branch NOW mends relationships quicker than one held out later.  Studying NOW results in more learning than cramming later.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with life and don’t know where to start, waiting isn’t the answer.  January 1st isn’t the answer.  ACTION ALLEVIATES ANXIETY.  Do something.  Anything.  No matter how small that task, JUST START!  Small accomplishment can snowball in to major conquests.  But nothing happens if you don’t start.  So start now.  Whatever it is.  Start now!

Til next time! 
-Coach Aaron