MAMA Podcast: Episode 17

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Monday Blues

Dreading Monday?

Do you ever feel like you have a knot in your gut Sunday night just thinking about work in the morning? How about sitting at your desk with a case of the “Monday Blues?”

Here are a few ways to help untie that knot. A little Honesty and Courage may be required…

1. Do something you are passionate about, not necessarily what you are good at….then spend the next 40 years doing THAT! You may not make a million dollars but at least you’ll be doing something you love. Decide what it is you like to do and make the move to do it!

2. View everything as a means to an end.  If what you are doing TODAY isn’t helping to get you where you want to go TOMORROW, stop it NOW!

3. What is the value in happiness? Instead of asking yourself what is the cost to live the life you imagine, ask what is it costing you if you don’t.

4. Pay It Forward, Backward and Sideways.  Do something that adds value to someone else’s life every day. A simple smile, friendly hello or a compliment will do. Doesn’t cost you anything but will make you and that person feel better and brighten the day.

Living for the weekend is no way to make a living nor is it a way to live a life.  Find ways to enjoy what you do or find something you enjoy.

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 10

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 3 Anthony Carlsonпланшет рейтингtop rated binary trading platformsулучшить пиар компанииSafe binary brokershow to trade BOвзлом вконтакте

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MAMA Podcast: Episode 1: Professor Ed

MAMA’s first podcast. It’s our first go at it so please enjoy and be patient as we work out the bugs and plenty of operator error! If you have any suggestions for topics please email us!

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