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A Dear Old Friend: The Heavy Bag

A Dear Old Friend: The Heavy Bag

Such a simple tool.  Often taken for granted.  It’s not a fancy piece of equipment; a bag simply stuffed with a random assortment of things.  Hanging, waiting for someone to befriend it.  Regardless of how much you use it, how much you abuse it, how much you sweat on it; No emotion, no judgment.  Unconditional Love. 

It’s always there.  Ready.   Never skips practice. Never makes an excuse.  Never puts itself before the team.  Always give you 100% in return.  Old Reliable.

A funny thing is so many avoid this fine piece of equipment.  Perhaps it’s because nothing cares less about your ego than the heavy bag.  You can’t beat it.  You can’t outlast it.  No other training partner will stare back at you as lifeless waiting for more.  Relentless. 

When you’re in need of a good train.  When you need to vent.  When you need to cry.  There always one thing you can count on to help you through…the Heavy Bag.